beas-river-crossing-manali-manali-india+1152_12984403173-tpfil02aw-135912Now young players can join in the fun of River Crossing! In this junior version of the award-winning game, you must make it safely across the lagoon. With an imaginative game design and 4 levels of difficulty, this strategy game is a fantastic way to practice sequential reasoning and exercise creative thinking.

  • Individual National Adult Rs. : Rs. 350 per person
  • Kids Rs. : XXX
  • Individual Foreigner Adult Rs. : Rs. 350 per person
  • Kids Rs. : XXX
  • Still Photo Camera Rs. :XXX
  • Video Camera Rs. : XXX

IMG_0609W-Copy-150x150 TYROL_SMILE-150x150beas-river-crossing-manali-manali-india+1152_12984403173-tpfil02aw-135912